Hiking @ Shiloh Ranch Regional Park


It’s a long weekend. What does that mean to me? Go out and get my hike on, even just a couple hour short hike. It does the mind, body and soul good.

Plus I get to try out my new stowaway daypack see it here: Eddie Bauer Backpack.

It’s a pretty chilly morning with lots of fog, about 50 degrees. Layers are very important here. I know some people who may be reading this will laugh because I’m sure they are used to much colder weather. I know I am a spoiled Californian.

I have my trusty hiking sidekick with me as we hit the trail at 8am.

I’ve never been to this park to hike. I have been in the front picnic area to have lunch. We decided to take a left and try out the Ridge Vista Trail. It’s a wooded forest of beautiful oaks trees, with moss hanging down. There is a section of vineyard you can see from the trail.

Uphill climbing

In October the county suffered from an extremely destructive wildfire. A lot of parks are closed because of the damage. Shiloh did have some burned areas but not as bad as I thought it would be. You can see in some pictures trees that were scorched. Some images have logs from cut up trees. I’m pretty sure that is from the rangers doing maintenance on the park from the fire.

We made our way up to the top of the Ridge and saw some cute deer munching some grass.



There is a fork in the road and we chose to go left to take the Pond Trail more for a downhill break and hopes of seeing some water. I love to see water on a hike.

Going down it was easy to see that on a clear day the views of the valley would be beautiful. Today the fog was blocking our view.

We made it to the muddy pond and saw an old friend trail running. That was a nice surprise! I hadn’t see her since summer time. Since then she has moved to Fiji and was only home for the holidays. We chatted a bit then said our goodbyes.

After the pond area we saw a sign to take us back to the parking lot, the trail takes you back into the woods.

If we had more rain the trail would run alongside a stream. But no water ☹️. I did get to hug a tree, and cross a bridge. 😉 it was a good time and refreshing to see something new.

We made to the car at 9:30. So total time was 1hr 20 minutes. Total miles is 3.2. Here is the All Trails map to show our path.

Here is the park map

I hope to make another trip here soon and hope you do too!


photo cred: Mar Marron

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