Start Small


We all make resolutions at the beginning of a New Year, which is awesome! I always feel so excited to have new goals!

But by February I start feeling like I’m losing traction. I wanted to share some ideas that help me and may help you not to hit a dead end.

First get a pen and paper then write down one goal you want to attain.

One goal at a time here.

One of mine is to be healthy that means to me to get in shape, physically, mentally, spiritually, social. Now break it down. Make a column for each aspect of your goal and fill the columns.

Then you need the “why”? Why is that my goal? For me I have that goal because I don’t like how I feel on a day to day basis. I believe that goal as a total will take care of a lot of things and will help me be happier and live a longer life.

Next you need the “how”? How will I reach the goal and sustain it? Well I started hiking. Just short half day trips. Start small. Just discovering new places and being outdoors does wonders. I never realized how even as an adult playing outside can help your mental health. At the same time I am getting some physical exercise.

After I put it all on paper, I make up notecards and you can even decorate them and post them up where I can see them. I am a visual person, so if I can see it I’ll remind myself what I need to do everyday to eventually accomplish my goal. Post it to your fridge, a mirror in your bathroom or a bulletin board.

Try it and let me know how it goes 👍

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