#5 Collab Hike: Tomales Point Trail at the Point Reyes National Seashore


This hike has been a few months in the making and finally the day came! My good friend and Keto blogger, Gianna, from G The Keto Unicorn and I  wanted to do a collab so what better way than to spend hours in nature and talk. You can see Gianna post about our hike here Collab Hiking Adventure.

Decisions, Decisions…

I had a hard time deciding a trail to take and so posted it on Instagram for some help. Tomales Point Trail won the poll with 83%. So there it was! This trail is 9.4 miles and goes up to 1,177 ft elevation. This trail is listed as moderate on the All Trails app and there are some pretty steep hills on this hike.

On Our Way

I played driver and picked up Gianna at 6:45 am at her place. According to tradition we headed to the Starbucks Drive-Thru for coffee and breakfast.

Then on our way… it would take us another hour to get to the trail. There was a blanket of fog in the distance and I hoped by the time we made it to the coast it would burn off. The coast here is always windy and usually foggy so a clear day would be a blessing!

Tomales Point Trail is along the Point Reyes National Seashore, just outside of the town of Inverness, CA. I have never been in this location before and I didn’t realize how close it really was to us. The drive was smooth with not too much traffic. As we got out closer to the coastal areas the landscape was more marsh and farmland. The roads are pretty bad with lots of bumps and pot holes… just a warning. But to our surprise right off the roadway we saw our first Tule Elk! The ocean was strait ahead and the weather looked like it would be perfect!

We arrived a little after 8 am and drove past a historic looking farm and into the parking lot of McClures State Beach. The only restroom in the area is here at this lot. The wind was really blowing and it was cold! I wore layers and brought my only beanie had with me. So we started down the trail although it clearly said McClures State Beach, but we thought it may have lead to the Tomales Point Trail. (Nope) But hey we got some great pics! And if you ever want a cool trail to a very private beach head on over. Just a quick note there is not cell service HERE.

We got in the car and realized our trail head was at the historic farm dirt parking lot back up the hill a short drive. The directions are a little hard to follow and you naturally want to follow the road and stay to the left. So keep that in mind. It was pretty empty maybe like 5 cars in that parking lot. It was really nice, since I had heard that this trail gets really crowded especially on a Saturday. By that time it was right before 9 am. (there is some spotty cell service HERE). The sun was on its way out and the wind was not so cold so I could ditch my beanie. The fog was lifting!

The Perfect Trail

The trail started out sandy and we saw some cool trees but there was not really any shade.  I have to say that from the start you are greeted with an abundance of flowers. I am not even kidding they were surrounding us and like shoulder height. With the breeze blowing the salt from the ocean and so many flowers in bloom the air smelled so sweet! I wish I had a smell cam to share it with you. It was amazing!  There were burrows on the sides of the trail that probably belonged to fox or rabbits.

As we walked along the trail it turned to dirt and rocky paths and uneven sections. We ended up running into a park ranger who was booking it. We said hi, and he commented how beautiful the flowers were. We agreed and G said “I wish I knew what they were”, so like any good park ranger would do he started pointing and naming the flowers to us. So nice! There were Wild Iris, Golden Carpet and Cow Parsnip, and Lupine among others. He left us with a warning to stay on the trail and watch for snakes. Then he left us in the dust. Here’s a little known fact: Gianna took 2 years of Floral classes in high school. So she could definitely work a side hustle as a florist. 🙂

We walked along enjoying the beauty of the trail and ran into this awesome tree. Such a beauty. There was actually shade here and also a couple of logs to sit down if you wanted a snack break. We had FBomb nut butter packs and I had some bananna with that. We messed around on the tree for a bit climbing around and taking silly shots. From far away we could see the elk grazing around and some geese in a pond. So cool! I cant even say how much I love this place.

On the way back we were in for a big surprise, as we got up close and personal with a herd of elk. There was an older couple out hiking and pointed out to us that there was a little baby elk. It was so tiny and wobbly probably born that morning. You could hear it calling its mom. It was so cute! Such a great way to end the hike. I can say officially this is one of my favorites. I would say that if you are in the area make a point to even do a small portion of the hike.

Don’t forget to go check out G The Keto Unicorn ‘s Blog Post about hiking and being Keto🦄 Collab Hike

I say: GO!

The views on a clear day are so peaceful. The wildlife is amazing. Even doing a small portion would be great. It is a long trail, but totally worth it. Plan a whole day or a good 4 hours and bring a picnic to enjoy. The spring flowers make this trip. With the smell of sweet flowers and salty air you cant go wrong. The hills are a little steep, I would not bring a stroller on this trip. I did see some people and you wont be getting through the brush and uneven terrain. Go slow and enjoy all there is to see!

Some Tips:

  • Dress in layers- maybe a windbreaker and tshirt
  • Long pants or long socks and long sleeves
  • sunglasses are a must or a hat
  • sunscreen
  • water and water
  • wet wipes for the bathroom there is not a sink to wash hands
  • snacks… its a long trip

We ate at this highly recommended cafe in the town of Point Reyes Station called The Station House Cafe, sooo good!!!

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